Going To The Dentist - Without The Drill!

What if you could go to the dentist and get a cavity filled without drilling?

Wouldn't that be great?

Or what if you went to the dentist and got this no-hassle treatment, and then they said that service would be nearly free, instead of costing you hundreds of dollars by the book?

That would be pretty great, too…

The point is that for many people, the drill is the worst part of going to the dentist. For other people, however, getting the bill is the worst part.

Now let's talk about how to apply that to real estate. For many people, the worst part of a sale is paying the commissions!

It’s never fun to fork over massive amounts of cash to a middleman for what seems like not a whole lot of work or assistance. In many people’s minds, it’s hard to ascribe a value of $20,000 or more to even the hardest-working agent’s job helping a property to sell. We get it.

Flat Fee Real Estate Service

This modern type of real estate sale service bypasses one of the worst parts, for many property sellers, of the traditional real estate sale process.

Ever since the birth of the modern real estate process, we've been used to paying a certain amount of commission to engaged real estate agents. Specifically, sellers pay 6% of the property value, 3% to the buyer’s agent, and 3% to the seller's agent.

But all of that translates to an enormous amount of money, and it's only getting bigger over time. A generation ago, you might have paid $150,000 for an average property that's not in some high-priced urban area. Today, that price might be more toward $300,000.

6% of $300,000 is $18,000. That's not pocket change, and it's nothing to sneeze at. So as soon as people hear that they might be able to save some of that amount, their ears perk up!

How It Works

In a flat fee real estate listing scenario, the seller uses a lot of their own skill and expertise, instead of using a professional agent in the traditional way. Then that money gets put aside and saved on what would have been for agent commissions.

Yes, this is typically more work for the seller. Yes, there is a lot of back-and-forth in the process. But for many people, it's worth it.

Check out what we offer for flat fee real estate listing services in Arkansas. You’ll see there are a lot of the tasks on there that agents do – which you can get done for just a tiny fraction of the traditional price! These prices are far less than 1% of most property values, netting you quite a lot of money saved in the sale process! So if you are interested, let’s talk.

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